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Numb3rs Fanfic Finders

where lost fic are found

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Welcome to Numb3rs Fanfic Finders! Originally the community for all your Numb3rs fanfic finding needs, we have recently expanded our coverage so that we might serve as the community for all your Numb3rs fan-related finding needs, including vids, author websites, actor interviews and more! (The only exception is episode downloads, as most download communities and/or posts, should they actually exist *g*, are locked.) Lost something Numb3rs-related? Go ahead and ask about it here!

Queries will be memoried and tagged with as much information as I have available to me—genre, pairing (if applicable), title and author—in case you need to look them up again. (Items that have yet to be found will be marked accordingly, as well. Also, because of the way they’re set up, I’ll be able to include much more information under the tags than I will in memories.)


1. Check the tags and/or memories before asking about a fic, vid, etc, because someone may have already asked about it.

2. Include a descriptive subject line. For example, “LF Charlie h/c fic” is better than “Looking for fic.”

3. Put as much information about the fic, vid, etc in your post as you can. This will make it easier for people to recognize the fic, vid, etc you’re looking for, and it will also make it easier for people to find in the future via tags and memories. For example, tell us the pairing or that it’s a gen fic, or whether it’s an AU, h/c, or crossover fic. Every little bit of information helps.

4. You may post as may searches as you need, but please limit yourself to one search per post to make it easier for me to tag and memory the post, and for others to find it later.

5. RPF searches are allowed.

6. When replying to a search, if a fic you’ve written fits the search parameters, please, by all means, mention it!

7. This is not a rec or posting community; off-topic posts will be deleted. (If you’d like to rec your favorite fic or vid -- or anything Numb3rs related -- check out numb3rsfanrecs.)

8. Please be aware of your language and tone when replying.

9. If anyone makes an inappropriate post or doesn’t follow the rules, please rest assured that I will handle the matter.

Your mod is spikedluv.
You may contact me at spikedluv @ livejournal.com with any questions or problems.


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