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Sniper Zero

I posted this back in September 2016 and didn’t get a response so I’m trying again.

I have read a few fics that take place during Sniper Zero. The one I'm looking for has Charlie injured when the sniper fires on them after he and David get out of the car. Don and his team don't realize it at first. After the shooting stopped Don shoved Charlie into a car for protection, someone notices blood on Dons shirt, he knows it's not his and turns to Charlie to find he had been shot. Anyone?

Colby still treated like a traitor

Hi! There was a fic I read a while ago and can't seem to find again. It takes place after the Janus List and Trust Metric. I don't remember much of it though. The team still has trust issues with Colby and that is a big part of the fic. At one point, Colby is at work and he calls his mom. She hears his voice and says she doesn't want to talk to him because he is a "traitor".

Now this next part I'm not sure is in the same fic. I'm thinking it is, but this is just a warning that I might be mixing up two dif fics. I remember a scene where Colby is out in the rain, maybe walking home? And he gets mugged and his wallet and house keys get taken. I don't remember anything else. The most annoying thing is that i remember how I felt while reading it, and I remember how I envisioned certain scenes, but I don't actually remember what happened. Anyway, thanks!

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LFS: Charlie hostage in a Cabin

Hello there!

I've looked on here before posting, but none of the hostage one's I've seen matched.

I read this fic a really long time ago, so my memory isn't the best. In the story: Don, his team, Charlie and Ian are hunting down a criminal. This eventually leads them to some cabin in the woods. I remember the criminal was hiding there with his girlfriend/wife or sister. And eventually, while the others are searching the area, Charlie checks out the cabin. He ends up being taken hostage(the man had left the cabin, but returned). I think there was a gunshot that alerted the others.The bad guy eventually comes out of the cabin, or at least gets in a position where Ian snippes him down.

It was on fanfiction.net, no romance/slash, and was longer than a one-shot(I think).

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Specific Fic- Devil's Ribbon??????- FOUND

I read this fic a couple years ago back when I first got into Numb3rs. I know it was on Fanfiction.net, and I searched for it there but I couldn't find it. I believe it was called Devil's Ribbon or something similar? It may have had a name change and that's why I can't find it. Anyway~ From what I remember, Charlie was going on some long bike ride in order to train for an upcoming marathon or race or whatever. So he was riding his bike and I think he got into a crash? Or something happened that ruined his bike and gave him minor injuries so he couldn't really continue to ride. He was out in the desert, too. I know that. Then he witnessed this older guy with a little kid (I think it was a girl) and, I think, he recognized her from a thing he'd seen on kidnapping??? Or maybe the guy was going to rape her, I don't remember. Anyway, Charlie did something to distract the guy and then he and the little girl ran. The story was mainly a big cat and mouse game between Charlie, the little girl, and the man until Don and I think it was David were called and found them. The guy was an escaped, convict, too.

Anyway, if anyone knows what this fic is called I'd be super greatful. Thank you all, and lots of love.
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Samantha Kathy Stories

Hey guys!! I have a bunch of Samantha Kathy's stories saved up from Harry Potter, Hawaii Five-0 and Stargate Atlantis but I'm looking for her Numb3rs work. Does anyone have any? If so, would you be willing to share with me? watersoter4@yahoo.com Also I'm willing to share if anyone wants any just e-mail me there as well with the subject line Samantha Kathy's stories. Thanks!!

Charlie/Ian Series - Just getting together

I can't recall the author or any of the titles and I'm sure that I even BETAed a few chapters. I've looked through all my bookmarks, I've looked in my library of fanfiction, I've looked through several communities and I'm just not finding it.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I thought, the last time I read it, it was over on AO3 but I can't find it there either, which makes me wonder if it's been deleted.

I also thought that it was something CerealKiller was working on, but I can't find it listed on her LJ and she's not on AO3 unless under a different name.

So, what can I remember about it?

It starts with phone calls. Charlie calls Ian about something and they talk it over and Charlie gives Ian his number to return the favor. Charlie calls a couple more times (I think) before Ian actually calls him about something. Charlie calls Ian about the "dirty bomb" in LA but can't give Ian any specifics. Ian is sitting in his classroom(?) at Quantico, talking with a fellow instructor when Charlie calls. After the call the other guy talks with Ian a bit.

... That's all I can recall. I really hope someone can help me find it because it's driving me nuts not being able to remember it or find it.

Thanks so very much!!!

EDIT: I've finally, at least, found the name of the work I was trying to find: "Attraction Equation". It shares the same title with a Don/Charlie work, but this one was by Samantha_Kathy and is Charlie/Ian.

Does anyone know what has become of Sam?? While I'd love to read the story again, I don't have it anywhere in my library for whatever crazy reason, I'd rather know how she's doing.

Thanks :)