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Welcome to Numb3rs Fanfic Finders! Originally the community for all your Numb3rs fanfic finding needs, we have recently expanded our coverage so that we might serve as the community for all your Numb3rs fan-related finding needs, including vids, author websites, actor interviews and more! (The only exception is episode downloads, as most download communities and/or posts, should they actually exist *g*, are locked.) Lost something Numb3rs-related? Go ahead and ask about it here!

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14th-Jul-2014 01:10 pm - Charlie is blind fic
Josh Donna West Wing
I'm looking for a fic where Charlie is blind. As I recall, Charlie went blind in some accident related to Don's job. Early in the story, there is a bomb threat called into Cal-Sci and Charlie's classroom is bombed. The story talked a lot about the ways Charlie adapted to being blind. I also think (though it wasn't a large part of the story) that Larry had a broken leg through part of the story. The author also had a sequel where Don temporarily went blind as well. I don't remember if there were any ships, but if there was it was likely Charlie/Amita.
12th-Jul-2014 11:36 pm - Colby/Edgerton
There was a fanfiction story about Ian getting hurt by breaking his leg while working with Colby then hge goes to his sibling's house to recover and Colby comes to visit.
26th-May-2014 10:30 pm - De-aged Charlie Fic
I'm pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net.  I don't remember much of the fic.  Charlie and Amita were together and somehow Charlie gets de-aged.  While he is de-aged I think Amita finds out she is pregnant and I think Charlie helps pick out names.  I think Don and Robin were together but I'm not sure.  Charlie does end up back to his proper age but I think he still sometimes de-ages.  In the epilogue I think de-aged Charlie was playing air hockey with his son and it also mentioned that Don at one point got hit by the de-aging whatever and sometimes de-ages like Charlie.  Sorry not more helpful but thanks in advance for any help.
13th-May-2014 11:39 am - looking for a Don story
i cleary remember this story Don was kidnapped as a kid (around 11) and held prisoner for several years...he was able to freed himself but he didn't return to his family (he was brainwashed)....he joined the FBI changing his surname. He  got trasnsfered to Los Angeles and visit his mother at the hospital. He held the same position as in the show and from time to time Charlie help him. At a certain point the man who kidnapped Don return and kidnapps and kill several kids...Don is able to find out the kidnapper and kill him...during the story Charlie has the feeling that Don is his brother and he was able to have a DNA test...the author wrote a sequel to this story and wrote another AU story where Don didn't go to college because his parents died and he must take care of Charlies (who was around 13 years) . I'm sure it was posted  on Fanfiction.net and i think also on the LJ of the author....thanks
4th-Mar-2014 10:39 pm - Looking for a Specific AU Fic

I'm looking for a fic that goes AU after "When Worlds Collide" and Charlie doesn't get his security clearance back. The fic starts out with a Charlie/Amita pairing and I think that it ends as Don/Amita. If I remember correctly, later in the story Larry and Amita are the consultants on a difficult case. What stood out to me was a few lines about decorating for the holidays considering Charlie and Amita's backgrounds. And I'm pretty sure that the fic ends with Charlie going to a holiday gathering where it's at least implied that Don and Amita are together. Sorry about this being so vague! I think that I read it on Livejournal and Google's failed me on this one. Thank you for any help!
22nd-Feb-2014 09:26 am - Colby's family
Small part of a larger fic. Colby is visiting his family. One of his nieces is very good at math. Colby calls Charlie about it and Charlie talks to the girl and agrees to tutor her?
17th-Feb-2014 09:39 pm - NSA
Hello everyone!
I'm looking for any stories about Charlie working for NSA (underkover operations, overseas trips, etc).
In addition I wonder if there are any stories where Charlie doing something in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Thank you a lot!
2nd-Feb-2014 01:24 am - Ian / Freyja story/universe
Ok... I *know* I've read it somewhere but I can't find it.

Where is the story that Freyja is used as bait for a guy going after transgender women? It has Ian in it and at the end, he gets called away even when he wants to stay.

I've been looking for it for hours now /laugh.

Thanks :) 
26th-Dec-2013 05:46 pm - LFS: Colby has 9 to 5 as his ringtone
LFS where Colby has 9 to 5 as his ringtone. Can't remember anything else about the story other than that. I know it's not much to go on, but you guys are GOOD.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks and happy holidays.
Hey all. I'm looking for any and all Colby-Ian fics set during/after the episode Ultimatum. Any help would be appreciated.
18th-Sep-2013 09:34 pm - S3 E3 'Provenance'
I just re-watched this episode and was wondering if there was any fic out there about Don looking for his Grandmother's cousin's family who disappeared during the holocaust?
10th-Sep-2013 05:51 pm - LF: A 3rd Eppes Child
Nicky 2
Watching Season 1 Episode 11: Sacrifice on Netflix and it brought to mind this search. There was a serious talk between Alan and Charlie about marriage problems when Charlie was about to head to Princeton. Stress, jealousy, long separation while Margaret was in NJ. Are there any fics in which Alan has a brief affair and later (preferrably during run of the show) finds out that the woman didn't tell him she had gotten pregnant? The kid would be maybe 15-20 years younger than Charlie since he's 'almost 30' during season 1.
Numb3rs:  Megan computer
A.   does anyone know the status of the CalSci Library archive?  I got a random business page when I went over there to re-visit a series I remembered which leads to

B.   there's a series of stories that were posted on that archive focusing on Colby and introducing his family written by two authors together & individually.  The various stories his dad is a sheriff, his mom has some physical limitation, and his brothers.   There is one story about an incident in Colby's childhood when he fell in the barn.  Several of the stories are episode related.  Oh, and one focuses on how colby & his brothers used to to Ren faires.   Does anyone remember the authors or one of the titles and whether the stories are available anywhere else?   (tho of course once I know authors or titles I can google).

26th-Jul-2013 12:41 am - LFS: Slash, Don/Colby
Read it recently and can't remember title or author. Colby and Don are at Charlie's and COlby catches Charlie when he falls off a ladder. Colby winds up covered in mud and Don "helps" Colby change into Alan's sweat pants. Towards the end, Charlie and Alan go for pizza leaving Don and Colby alone in the house. Any help would be appreciated.
3rd-Jul-2013 07:20 pm - L f a specific don/charlie fic
Im looking for a fic the only part I rember very well its that alan started dating and charlie didn't like it. Don charlie and alan and ofc went to a restaurant.waiter flirted with charlie.alan started tui tell a story about don and charlie when they were younger so charlie heads outside and don follows shortly after.waiter doesn't believe charlie when they say that are brothers. Of anyone knows what fic this is I will love you forever
1st-Jul-2013 09:58 am - LF Ever present past
Black White Beauty
Hey, I just realized that "Ever Present Past" and "Unsigned, Unfinished and Unknown" have vanished off the 'net.
Can anyone help me out?
Numb3rs: Brothers
Does anyone have a copy of Personal Complications by pygmymuse? Or is there anywhere the fic is still online?
Jack and Ianto...Fate.
All I remember is Charlie was in class and some bad guys came in and sat down. Charlie saw them and started doing a drill with the students seeing who could find help first and stuff like that. Thats's all I can remember and I know it's not much but if anyone knows if it's a fic or episode and what the title is for it, whichever it is. Thanks!
26th-May-2013 05:00 pm - Blixie's fanfics
Hello I was wondering if anyone had access to Dirty Little secrets by Blixie and Identity by Blixie
25th-May-2013 09:50 pm - Statsgrandma charlie/amita fanfic
Remembering back to fanrush forum days, I loved reading the charlie/amita based fanfic written by Statsgrandma. Basic google searches have led me no where and I refuse to believe that they weren't published elsewhere as I just can't imagine not being able to read it again. Does anyone know if statsgrandma posted them elsewhere?

22nd-May-2013 09:15 pm - Charlie shouting at Alan

I'm looking for a longer fic, but remember only one scene: Don is in the hospital and Charlie refuses to let Alan in because previously Alan blamed Don for Charlie's injury (?).
I know it's not much to go on, but maybe somebody still recognizes it.

Thanks in advance!
Hello dear Numb3rs fandom!

I hope you'll be able to help me find back a lovely piece of fanwork!
I already checked the community's tags & read this entry but to no avail.

This fanfiction is about Don & Charlie being contacted by SG1, who was leaded to them when looking for an artefact necessary in saving the universe (one more time! ;D). Don & Charlie are discovered to be a mystical pair reborn through the ages & needing to be brought aware of their nature in order to conciously use their power/take action.

It's a short piece: either a long single entry or a few small chapters.

Thanks in advance !
Love y'all !

PS: I hope I correctly posted this, Mod! Thanks for maintening this community!
21st-May-2013 12:29 am - Charlie/Don Fandom Favorites
wincest01, j201
Hi, I'm new to Numb3rs fan fiction and so far I'm shipping Charlie and Don. I've done some searches on google and I have every intention of going through this community's tags, but in the meanwhile I was hoping you all could rec me some of your favorite first time, complete Charlie/Don fics with bottom!Charlie preferred although not an absolute must. My only length requirement is that the fic be at least 2,000 words (although long stories rock my world for sure). Oh, and no AUs please! Thanks everyone!
5th-May-2013 03:38 pm - Sammac Stories...
Hi all,
I only just noticed today that Sammac's stories, some of my faves - Relative Motion and Skewed have been taken down. These were amazing stories that I've read time and again.
26th-Apr-2013 10:44 pm - Relate to episode: Con Job
I can't remember where I read this story but it goes with that episode with John Buckley. Charlie gets kidnapped along with Buckley when Maddux takes Buckley. I don't remember the ending. Please help me find this story.
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